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Oracle is touting Project Fusion as an application that will contain a "superset of features" from Oracle, PeopleSoft and JD Edwards. What does this really mean to companies that are operating their businesses on current versions of these applications? As an IT manager at a company that relies heavily on PeopleSoft Enterprise applications, path from PeopleSoft to Fusion is key to my and my organization. How forthright is Oracle Corporation being with its customers?

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

What will Fusion Look Like?

Chances are, the look and feel of Fusion Applications will be closer to that of the PeopleSoft Enterprise appliations than to any of the other current product lines. PeopleSoft was the first of the major ERP vendors to commit completely a pure Internet architecture for its applications. It has been close to 6 years since the release of Peoplesoft 8.0, which completely abandoned any traditional client/server connectivity. As a result of their early commitment to a pure web-based system, PeopleSoft was significantly ahead of JD Edwards and Oracle in regard to desigining a solid user interface using only features available in a browser-based environment. Furthermore, PeopleSoft had a large dedicated User Experience group. These people had been doing extensive testing to determine how best to optimize the browser-based user interface and understand what it is that users want. For these reasons, Oracle is most likely to turn to the former PeopleSoft development team to design the UI and to craft the look and feel of the applications.

Oracle has stated publicly that Oracle Forms will not be utilized in Fusion applications. Where Fusion applications will probably diverge from existing PeopleSoft applications is that while PeopleSoft applications are all deployed using HTML, Fusion applications are expected to utilize DHTML. This change will allow the browser-based applications to look and feel more like traditional client/server based systems. One example of where DHTML will improve performance is that with HTML, any change to a screen requires the entire page to be refreshed. So, by only refreshing those areas of a screen that need to react to the user's actions, the page is updated more rapidly and more smoothly than if the entire page needs to be redrawn. Another potential use of DHTML is the addition of drag-and-drop capabilities to the application. Users have become so accustomed to this type of functionality in their Microsoft applications that they miss the ability to do this in web-based programs.

If, in fact, Oracle fully commits to DHTML and if the former PeopleSoft user experience team is given a relatively free hand to create a great front-end, the likelihood of having an excellent UI in Fusion applications is high. I expect that Fusion applications will have a more user-friendly front end of any current web deployed applications.


  • At 1:56 AM, Blogger Girish said…

    i want to know how will Future Oracle Fusion CRM Applications will be developed when Fusion will be rolled out. i want to know what skills will be required to develope CRM Applications using Fusion Middleware, and how will future customization in siebel application will happen. will oracle JDeveloper be the tool to do that ? will JAVA/J2EE skill be needed to do that? where will the Fusion Middleware exactly fit into the architecture of the enterprises currently using Siebel CRM ? What will be the skills of the future ? is siebel tools soon going to be a skill of the past ?
    will Fusion Middleware only improve the integration and customization of siebel objects will be done through siebel tools?
    why has siebel Integration certification expired?

  • At 9:32 AM, Blogger Larry said…

    I was present at oracle world and fusion is becoming mature application. Web 2 is going to be future for fusion. Infact HCM Demo is showin in fusion, check website, really great stuff.

  • At 8:01 PM, Blogger Larry said…


    Really a great news. Oracle has announced the Fusion dates on their blog. Infact there are lot of expectation around the new looks...

    I was going thru some of the sites and found new Web 2.0 interfaces. Actually if you see the new Tools look (, its obvious that Java and Web technologies will be cool.

    Lets hope when Fusion comes in market fullfledgly....


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  • At 9:21 PM, Blogger som said…

    i am working in siebel crm technology, and now oracle has stopped releases in siebel.
    Is any technology in FUSION application is related to siebel?
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